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TrafficSurf is a new traffic exchange designed to get you the most traffic in the least amount of time. You'll find a clean, easy-to-use surfing interface, fast response times, interesting categories, and a minimum of MLM "get rich quick" spam.

No more waiting for lazy part-time admins to approve your URLs – TrafficSurf approves your new ads immediately. And don't worry, spammers will be quickly flagged and suspended. What's more, your data is safe; we don't sell email addresses or give them to "partners", and we don't bombard you with spam.



What's it take to make the best exchange?

There are a lot of traffic exchanges. TrafficSurf was built with you in mind, based on our years of experience.

We want to hear from you!

What do you think? Do you like the surf categories? Do you want a user forum? We want to hear from you, so write to comments (at) and let us know how to improve.

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